Design Process

Discovery – What is the problem you are trying to solve ?


Working with Dynaflo on an OEM vacuum pump or compressor is all about one-stop outsourcing. When contracting with Dynaflo, you will benefit from the dedication, attention, and expertise our engineers employ in all our engineering solutions. Our custom engineering projects generally follow a standard protocol within a reliable time frame. Click below to learn more.


Qualification – Is Dynaflo right for you ?


After an initial consultation, we will respond with design concepts and budgetary cost estimates for product that suits your application. This is typically informal data to help confirm that Dynaflo can provide the product you need.


TIME: Typically less than a week after the discovery phase.

COST: There is no charge for the qualification process.


Proposal – What Dynaflo can do for you


Once we’ve confirmed that Dynaflo can serve your application, we will provide you with a Proposal and Statement of Work. This is a formal contract that outlines the work, cost, and performance you can rely on from Dynaflo.


TIME: Typically within 2 weeks of initial contact, depending on the nature of the project and the extent of custom content.

COST: There is no charge for a Dynaflo proposal.


Design & Prototype – Working Together


This phase is entirely dependent upon the project, and is done in the spirit of concurrent engineering between the customer and Dynaflo. We plan and carry out Design Reviews to ensure 100% satisfaction. In most cases, we work closely with design engineers to co-develop new products. We work within agreed confidentiality guidelines, and will provide a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement as appropriate.


TIME: Project dependent.

COST: Project dependent.


Production and After-Sale Support – We stand behind our products


We work with you to prepare a Manufacturing Agreement, usually in the form of a contract, with quantities, prices, and delivery schedules. We also agree on how to support the units after sale, with plans for return/repair, spare parts, and warranty.


Dynaflo stands behind its custom and modular vacuum pumps and compressors, and guarantees a 100%, 120-day warranty on defection materials or components for all modular and custom designs. We offer parts and services for the lifetime of the product.


Simple, Thorough, and Easy! Working with Dynaflo is a direct and reliable process, with exceptional outcomes and support.