Design & Construction

Dynaflo’s expertise in engineering design produces vacuum pumps and compressors that exceed the average performance of similar products. High flow, compact and virtually maintenance-free designs are Dynaflo’s specialty.

Our team of engineers strive to ensure that Dynaflo OEM vacuum pumps and compressors offer state-of-the-art performance and design

Our vacuum pumps and compressors come standard with the following features:

Dynaflo’s application-specific design approach results in each pump’s physical size and configuration being precisely matched to your performance requirements. Total design flexibility means that no pump is any larger than necessary, and that even the most difficult envelope restrictions can be satisfied

Every Dynaflo pump component is precision crafted to assure all performance requirements can be reliably met at a minimum of size, weight and cost. Dynaflo pumps routinely perform at levels usually associated with much larger and more costly devices.

Dynaflo pumps utilize lightweight alloys and composite thermoplastics wherever practical. This class of high-strength, light-weight engineering materials is used by Dynaflo for components traditionally made from heavy metal castings.

Dynaflo’s extensive use of composite thermoplastics allows for the introduction of design intricacies that would be economically prohibitive in traditional materials. This results in component parts designed from the ground up to be strong, light-weight and efficient.

Dynaflo’s pump diaphragms move by bending rather that stretching the diaphragm material. This minimizes the force required to displace the diaphragm, and helps to maximize mechanical efficiency.

Dynaflo pumps utilize the highest capacity inlet and outlet valves possible. This minimizes pressure drops across the valves, and maximizes both flow capacity and pneumatic efficiency.

Dynaflo pumps are available with ball bearing construction throughout. Without the frictional losses associated with sleeve or sliding bearings, Dynaflo pumps operate at the highest mechanical efficiency possible.

With no sliding pistons, valves or seals, and ball bearing construction throughout, Dynaflo diaphragm-type pumps can literally be built without wear components, providing both high efficiency and extremely long life.

Fitted with brushless drive motors, either DC or AC, Dynaflo pumps can be built without motor brushes to wear out or contaminate the environment with brush dust. Dynaflo pumps have been tested for tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation.

“Oil-less” means there is no risk of oil or other lubricants contaminating the medium being pumped. Many pumps utilize pistons or other friction-intensive components that need lubrication, risking possible contamination of the flow stream. Dynaflo’s diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors are free of any lubrication in contact with the flow path.

3D CAD (ProEngineer)
Expertise in designing quality, value-engineered products
Vacuum pump & compressor database

Custom machining capabilities on-site
Easily modified, reconfigurable, modular designs

Every Dynaflo compressor and vacuum pump is hand-built in the USA. Each vacuum pump and compressor are individually inspected and performance-tested.
ISO 9000 compliant quality system
Service, Support, and Warranty

100% repair or replacement warranty on defect materials or workmanship
Return/repair & replacement parts programs