Customized Pump Options

  • AC and DC motors
  • Wetted Materials Compatibility
  • Custom Connectors
  • Noise Suppression
  • Restart against Pressure & Vacuum
  • Multiple Diaphragm Models
  • Mounting & Connections
  • Brush-less Motor Commutation
  • Oil-less Designs

Dynaflo’s pump series can either be adapted to your needs by altering customizable aspects of the design, or our engineers can create a design that’s unique for your application. Whatever your need, we offer exceptional service, individual attention, and the highest quality design standards.


Working with Dynaflo on an OEM vacuum pump or compressor is all about one-stop outsourcing. When contracting with Dynaflo, you will benefit from the dedication, attention, and expertise our engineers employ in all our engineering solutions. Our custom engineering projects generally follow a standard protocol within a reliable time frame.