Dynaflo's Radial Diaphragm Air Compressor is aimed squarely at the typical diaphragm pump shortcomings of:

  • flow pulsation
  • noise
  • vibration
  • low speed cogging
  • limited dynamic range

Dynaflo pumps and vacuum compressors are ideal for giving your product a unique competitive advantage when portability, efficiency, quality, and durability are paramount


Dynaflo pumps routinely perform at levels usually associated with much larger and more costly devices.


Dynaflo's pump diaphragms move by bending rather than stretching the diaphragm material. This minimizes the force required to displace the diaphragm, and helps to maximize mechanical efficiency.


Each pump's physical size and
configuration is precisely
matched to your performance


“Oil-less” means there is no risk of oil or other lubricants contaminating the medium being pumped.



Fitted with brush-less drive motors, Dynaflo pumps have no motor brushes to wear out. Dynaflo pumps have been tested for tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation.


With ball bearing construction throughout, Dynaflo diaphragm pumps can literally be built without wear components.



In today's global economy, the need for competitive advantage has never been greater. Dynaflo's unique ability to provide cost-effective, custom-engineered vacuum pump and compressor solutions will help keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Whether it's a simple reconfiguration of one of our modular design platforms or a full-on custom design, Dynaflo's goal is to meet or exceed the specialized needs of your application. Your application benefits from maximized performance and efficiency, with minimum size, weight, and cost.